Here at Glasfryn, we offer wakeboarding for everyone, from beginners wanting to try a new sport to the experienced wakeboarder wanting to take their riding to the next level.

For those who’ve never heard of cable wakeboarding before it’s a water sport in which the rider, standing on a wakeboard (a short board with foot bindings), is towed by a cable system. At Glasfryn, our specially designed System 2.0 cable systems allow the rider to learn this thrilling sport in a safe and controlled way, with the expert tuition of our friendly operators who guide the rider every step of the way.

Like any sport, you start off slowly learning the basic skills then as you progress, in no time at all you’ll be performing tricks.

Both our cables are perfect for beginners as our obstacles are positioned so as to allow a safe space for your first session.

Beginner Sessions

Our 15-minute beginner sessions are 1 to 1 with our operators and so are perfect for those new to the sport. During your session, you will have a safety brief/ dry land tuition to show you the basics before getting into the water and riding away! Sessions are tailored to each rider, with operators having full control of the speed of the cable throughout, meaning that you can start off at a pace that will help you to progress more quickly.


Cable 1 (Bridge Cable)
A favourite with intermediate/ advanced riders, this cable features four obstacles; left and right Mystic Big Air kickers, a Funbox and Industry Transfer box. As well as being set up to accommodate beginners, this cable is also perfect for those wanting to further their riding.

Cable 2
Featuring a smaller right kicker, Industry Slug rail, Flat Bar and the legendary Leviathan, this cable has something to keep all riders entertained. Whether you are looking to try your first kicker, develop your obstacle rotations or ride rails, this is the perfect cable for an exhilarating session. This cable is also set up to accommodate beginners thanks to its open space and availability of a shorter line.

Choose from a single session – or if you love it as we know you will – we offer different Rider Pack’s, giving you great prices on session blocks! See Price tab for details.

Book Online!

Please call us on 01766 810 000 for further information or to make a reservation. Alternatively, email us: info@glasfryn.co.uk


Everyday: 9:30am – 6pm

All watersports are open between April-October, please email to confirm dates if unsure

Wakeboarders must arrive at least 30 minutes prior to session start time in order to get kitted up.

For further information, please call one of our friendly team on 01766 810 000 or use our online booking system to make a reservation. Alternatively, email question to: info@glasfryn.co.uk

15 minute session – £25.00
2nd and 3rd 15minute session – £15.00 ea.

Obstacle Boards for hire – £5.00

Who can go wakeboarding?

The minimum age for participants at the Glasfryn Wakepark is 8yrs and you must be a competent swimmer.

Does it matter that I have never been on a wakeboard before?

Cable Wakeboarding is ideal for absolute beginners. Learners will find it easier to get on their feet than being towed behind a boat ….and if you wipe out, you don’t have to wait for the boat to turn round and give you the rope to start again.
Sessions are tailored to each rider, with operators having full control of the speed of the cable throughout, meaning that you can start off at a pace with which you are comfortable and which will help you progress more quickly.

Is equipment provided?

Wetsuit, wakeboard, buoyancy aid and helmet hire are all provided.

Is cable wakeboarding a safe sport?

Your safety is our priority. All users must wear a wetsuit, buoyancy aid and helmet. All staff are first aid trained and we have a safety boat on the lake.

Full instruction from our experienced wakeboarding operators is given throughout each session.

How long do the sessions last?

Each session lasts for 15 minutes.

Do I need to book?

Booking is recommended to avoid disappointment.

I’m an experienced rider….do you have any jumps and obstacles?

We offer several obstacles for advanced riders, including the Mystic Flat bar rail and Big Air kicker, smaller right kicker, and the Leviathan.

Is there anywhere I can leave my personal belongings?

Lockers are NOT provided at Glasfryn Parc, so customers are advised not to bring items of high value when visiting. Glasfryn Parc accepts no responsibility for items left unattended anywhere on the parc.

Do you cater for disabilities?

At Glasfryn we try to cater for everybody, so if you have a disability and would like to get more information on what we can offer please give us a call on 01766 810 000 or just let the staff know on the day.


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